Chinese Food

Roasted Duck 95K

(Half of a roasted duck with Hoisin sauce and chili sauce)

Chicken Hainan 70 K

(steam baby chicken with Chinese herbs)

Pork Char Siew 65K

(300 gram grilled pork Belly with honey sauce)

Salt n Pepper Prawn 125K

(500 gram of shrimp with salt n pepper sauce)

Indonesian Food

Roasted Chicken 100K

(grilled chicken with sambal matah & sambal ulek)

Ayam Bumbu Rujak 125K

Ayam Kampoeng (organic chicken with herbs)

Ayam Bakar Taliwang 125K

Roasted ayam kampong (organic chicken) with Taliwang sauce

Pepes udang 55K

The Hub grilled shrimp pepes (shrimp wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted)

Balinese Food

Balinese Pork Rib 145K

1 kg of barbeque rib with sambal matah & sambal ulek

Ayam Kuah Bali 125K

ayam kampong (organic chicken) with Balinese herbs seasoning

Balung Babi 85K

Balinese pork curry with herbs seasoning

Ayam Kuah Pelalah 125K

spicy red Balinese curry served with steamed rice